Sip SL- Integrated Advertising & Classified System

A tool that will allow you to centrally manage all your advertising channels from a single program.

  • 5/9/2017 9:44:50 AM

Sip SL- Integrated Advertising & Classified System

SIP SL uses the latest platform allowing for the customization and integration of a large array of programs and allowing the tool to perform as a true cloud solution making itself available on all popular OS.

Do not be bind down by the preconfigured report settings of a system anymore, do not base your operations on your acquired system, become limitless acquire a system that can be shaped according to your operations, sales campaigns and regional operations, We understand the dynamics of the operations of the Newspaper industry and have developed a tool that can evolve with your team.

This is a cloud based system, from its design to the user interaction the tool has been shaped to fit the use of direct and remote users allowing them to access, the system anywhere at anytime!

Keep track of your sales to all media, SIP provides the centralize location of all Advertisement sales, no matter how small, detailed,or how diverse the  channel might be, SIP SL can track it, the sales information  will be   analyzed and can easily be customized to present you the results you need to deliver, maintain and exceed your sales goals.

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