GNWeb - Web Content Management System

By using GNWeb, editorial users publish to the web as easily and seamlessly as publishing to print.

  • 5/9/2017 9:39:36 AM

GNWeb - Web Content Management System

GNWeb’s One-Click-to-Web feature instantly publishes any article with the correct graphics, headlines, byline, body copy, metadata and electronic content. Newspapers using GNWeb are able to continuously update fast breaking stories and keep readers returning to their website to view those updates.

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When integrated with the article-based GN3/GN4 content management system, GNWeb selects only those article components that are slated for a particular website. When the article is published it appears in the correct section and subsection of the website, properly formatted and ready for viewing. Other than clicking once, no manual, special or scheduled processing is necessary.

The article-based content management allows the publisher to define an article structure as part of system configuration, rather than through customisation. Through system configuration, the publisher can specify a presentation destination for each story element. For example, a headline may be marked as being for a particular website, print title or other channel, or some combination of title and media. An article can contain electronic-media items such as audio, video, flash, polls, metadata, geocoding and of course, hyperlinks.

At anytime, an appropriately privileged user can send an article direct to the web with a single mouse click.
Fully embrace the web with two-way content workflows Interact with your audiences, set-up Web-to-Print workflows as well as Print-to-Web

Content acquired or created on the web, through GNPortal (GN4's content ingestion engine) or GNWeb’s web-based content creation and editing tools, is completely accessible to print because the content is stored in the GN3/GN4 content management database. 

Once there, it is normalised and usable in any channel you publish to.

Imagine the possibilities when you open up your newsroom to content submitted from your readers, from local businesses and community organisations. Of course, you are always in control of incoming content so nothing can get published that shouldn't.

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Web content management

With GN WEB, you get easy page management and multisite functionality from a single UI, helping you to develop mobile-ready sites to create the ultimate web experience, and run your business globally.

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With much more out-of-the-box functionality than any other vendor, this Web Content Management solution leverages features such as ready-to-use web parts, widgets, multiple language support, and mobile previews and device detection, to free time and resources so you can accomplish more. In addition, the WCM is fully integrated with Online Marketing solution, meaning you can automatically deliver consistently outstanding experiences, via multiple channels, on all devices.

Want to manage a CMS, or want to manage success?
WYSIWYG wonders: Easily create and style your content and add hyperlinks, images, and online videos. See exactly how it will look before publishing.
Quality-insurance workflow: Define your own approval and publishing workflow with drag-and-drop ease to effectively manage, track and approve all content.
That consistent brand experience: Leverage out-of-the-box features like mobile preview and device detection to adjust content to desktops and mobile devices.
Take creative control: Manage static, dynamic, or interactive content like online forms, news sections or special offers and reuse designs and content throughout the site.
No language barriers: Centralized hub for scalable translation management, including steps for third-party writing, editing, and approval.
Interactive documentation: Gives current-scenario tips and tricks and offers excellent easy-to-follow how-to’s for achieving them in record time.
Sophistication made manageable: Now your team don’t need to be technical experts to be effective.

ALL Features:
ASP.NET MVC Support                                      Booking System
Categories                                                           Content Locking
Content Rating                                                    Content-design Separation
Custom Pages                                                     Custom Tables
Document Management                                   Event Calendar
Files, Images, and Video                                    Friendly URLs
Image Editor                                                        Image Gallery
Linked Documents                                             Media Libraries
Mobile Website Support                                   Multilingual Content
Multi-site Management                                     Online Forms
Page Templates                                                   Portal Engine
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)                   Spell-Checker
Standard Workflow                                             Tags
Taxonomy                                                             Translation Management
Versioning and Archiving                                    WebDAV Support
Web Parts                                                              Widgets
Workflow                                                               WYSIWYG Editor

​Online Marketing

Fully integrated with the Content Management System, the Online Marketing solution offers Email Marketing, Lead Scoring, Marketing Automation, and so much more to help you nurture leads, and analyze and optimize your campaigns and content to deliver the right message to the right person at the right time. By leveraging its personalization and A/B testing capabilities throughout the entire customer journey and across all channels to deliver targeted content, you increase conversion rates from your lead generation activities and deliver high-quality leads to your sales team.

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You want a brand and buying experience that’s tailored to every customer and an experience that’s always optimized to be the best it could ever be. You need campaigns that can be analyzed, adapted and made evermore effective. There are two ways of achieving such sophisticated online marketing. You either hope that you can successfully integrate disparate tools and technologies, or you go straight to success with the Online Marketing Solution. Featuring all that’s best of the online marketing technologies out there, but integrated into a single easy-to manage package, you achieve that all-important single view of the customer that driving superior ROI demands.

We integrate, you orchestrate
Integrated single view: Delivers a 360 degree view of the customer from website, email, mobile and social media interactions.
Personalize every journey: Acts on customer segmentation and defined personas to deliver personalized content in real time.
Optimize every campaign: A/B test for page and email optimization and track campaign success.
Make social marketing pay: Post content on and get analytics from Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, all from within the UI.
Automate your marketing: Powerful Marketing Automation capability for lead nurturing towards conversion through sophisticated email marketing.
Optimize every channel: Social, web, mobile and email, including all analytics.
Make smart recommendations: Dramatically boost customer loyalty and sales through highly appropriate product and content recommendations.
Capture valuable info: Create easy-to build drag-and-drop online forms to collect contact details.
Deliver qualified leads: Powerful lead scoring helps you prioritize ‘sales-ready’ leads and generates sales-alerts based on actions and engagement.
Sneak peek data: Unique to Kentico; at-a-glance real-time insights about your website and campaigns in customizable dashboard Live tiles.

ALL features:
A/B Testing                                                            Banner Management
Contact Management                                         Content Personalization
Email Marketing                                                   Integrated Campaign Management
Lead Scoring                                                         Live Tiles and Dashboard Customization
Marketing Automation                                        Newsletters
Personas                                                       Connector
Segmentation                                                        Social Marketing
Strands Recommender Integration
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