Create a brand new dynamic edition, with a different look-and-feel for your newspaper or magazine.

  • 5/9/2017 9:41:49 AM
  • Mobile


Create your content and publish, the PaperEVOlution system streams it out to all devices connected to the Internet. You can publish continually, all throughout the day. Your readers will quickly come to rely on YOUR content to keep them up-to-date, as they keep checking their devices.

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PaperEVOlution's flexibility is extreme! It accepts content not just from Miles 33 editorial systems, but from any source that can deliver content in HTML or as an RSS feed. Pages are template-driven with full access to layouts and CSS, so you can make your mobile editions look spectacular.

You can even mix sources and create multiple editions. The result is a great repository of articles, photos, videos and other content. If your webCMS cannot publish an RSS feed, don't worry. The VirtualCrawler, built-in to PaperEVOlution, can
Unleash your imagination! The content blocks can host advertising, articles, multimedia objects and many other widgets (like "most read", "tag clouds", "hot topics", ext.). You can create and save as many layouts as you wish, they are always available. The system comes with great looking designs that you can modify or simply use as inspiration as you add your own.

Your digital editions will never be boring!

Always a fresh presentation!

After creating layouts, string them together into a flowing sequence. The sequence will show how content gets presented using the layouts that you created. Order them in any sequence you like. The sequence never stops, automatically restarting when it ends, automatically it re-arrange its contents if the device is in portrait or landscape mode.

Your content will always be in the right position, sequence after sequence.
Easy App updates, anytime. Re-arrange or add sections in real time. Never again send the app to the appstore for updates.

If you currently publish to an app, chances are you have become frustrated by the closed environment that won't allow updates without coding or time-consuming cycles through the app-store.
generate mobile ready content from any HTML page!

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