Solutions we offer

The ecosystem that makes managing content. Here are our Solutions:


GN4 - Editorial Content Management System

With GN4, your business has the tools to compete in the multi-channel publishing environment in a productively simple way.


GnMobi- The profitable ePaper solution

It makes sense to consider launching mobile editions of your newspaper. After all, you already have the content.


GNWeb - Web Content Management System

By using GNWeb, editorial users publish to the web as easily and seamlessly as publishing to print.


Sip SL- Integrated Advertising & Classified System

A tool that will allow you to centrally manage all your advertising channels from a single program.


GnPortal- Web Content Acquisition System

Define, accept, transform, process and manage all your workflows in a simple browser platform.


Mads- Mobile-First Monetization & Ad Platform

“The right advertisement: any time, anywhere, for anyone and on every screen or device.”